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The Auxiliary To Bellevue Hospital Center, Inc.

Message from the President

I welcome you to our website and am pleased that you have taken the opportunity to learn more about the Auxiliary to Bellevue Hospital Center, Inc.

We have been supporting Bellevue Hospital Center since 1906 and providing enhancements to the patient experience ever since. Our motto is “Keeping the Humanity in HealthcareSM and that is what we strive for in all the programs we provide.  Over the years, as the needs of the patients have changed, we have never faltered in our commitment to provide for their needs through the many programs we fund.

With your friendship and financial support, we will be able to continue to fund our programs well into the future. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

the Auxiliary to Bellevue Hospital Center, Inc. President's Address
Wilbur A. Weder

Bellevue Sobriety Garden

Our Mission

Grounded in a philanthropic and humanitarian effort to assist Bellevue’s indigent and needy patients, the Auxiliary to Bellevue Hospital Center, Inc. continues its modern-day mission to offer direct enhancement to all patients’ well-being, care and convalescence, through financial and programmatic support.

Since 1906 the Auxiliary has provided services to the diverse population of New York City. From inpatient treatments, to home-care, to outpatient support, the Auxiliary has been there for everyone. The contributions of dedicated volunteers have been part of the tradition of the Auxiliary and its’ commitment to Bellevue Hospital and to the community.

The Auxiliary continues to honor its’ original mission: “to discover a need and supply the appropriate relief to those Bellevue patients who, by reason of poverty, continued weakness, or lack of home or family, stand in active need of a friend.”

The motto for the Auxiliary is “Keeping the Humanity in HealthcareSM and that is truly the motivation for all of the programs and patient care services that we support.

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In February, 2018 the Auxiliary to Bellevue opened one of the remodeled and renewed patient rehabilitation kitchens. The kitchens were funded by the Auxiliary over a two year project from 2016-2017.

In December, 2016 The Auxiliary undertook the iPads project in partnership with Apple Inc. and iBusiness Technologies. The Auxiliary purchased 20 iPads for the Cancer Center and all the requested applications (apps), which were selected through a focus group of cancer patients and staff in the Cancer Center. The Auxiliary will also fund the ongoing service and maintenance of the iPads.

The hospital also recently upgraded the Cancer Center with 13 new state-of-the-art, multi-purpose stretcher chairs that are mobile, safer and more comfortable for the patient. The chairs go from sitting to reclining to stretcher position, can be adjusted by height and have memory foam for comfort. A patient can safely undergo procedures and can be transported in the battery-powered chair.


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